Teddy – Shetland Pony
More information about this animal

Teddy is a stunning Shetland Pony, he has the most amazing fluffy coat at different parts of the year and really lives up to his name as he looks like a teddy bear! He is a pet influencer, which is easy to see why! Teddy is suitable for a wide variety of work including social media campaigns, fashion editorial, brand awareness and more.

This handsome guy has boundless energy and loves nothing more than making new friends and showering them in kisses! He is incredibly laid back and is used to busy environments as he is a therapy horse also so goes on regular visits to a children’s hospice.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Teddy is perfect for most roles, he is a calm pony and follows commands very well. He is constantly the star of the show in his hometown as he attends events regularly strutting his stuff! Teddy meets lots of new people every week and travels around regularly going on adventures! Along with this he is so playful and loves running about where he can, and goofing about with his animal friends.

Teddy has beautiful golden fur, he would be perfect for product placement and fashion editorial as he is just so pretty and really catches your eye with those beautiful lashes!


Lie down,
Travels well,
Can work with other animals,
Happy with work with children,
Walk on reins,
Wears pet clothing & accessories,
Works with props,

Social Media Pet Influencer

Along with all his modelling experience and beauty, Teddy is also one of our pet influencers, he has a large following of fans who love to see his day to day adventures. Pet influencers are perfect for reviews, product placement on their social media and even meet & greets! With a good reach, this is an excellent way of advertising your product or services.

Teddy is popular enough to even have celebrity fans! Some of them are; Binky Felstead, Louise Thompson, Abbey Clancy, Sam Faiers, and Tamara Ecclestone So you will definitely be reaching some interesting consumers.

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Teddy is an experienced model, he has already worked with Amazon, Harpers Bazaar, West Elm, Penguin Books, Hovis/Paramount, Hotel Indigo, and The Jockey Club! Clearly, his modelling skills are top-notch which so much experience!

Teddy recently worked on a fun Pet Influencer campaign for TikTok showing just how he lives the life of luxury!

Teddy has always excelled in his work and left clients happy with the end product. We are sure Teddy will meet your needs and give you a brilliant result.