Teddy Knight – Umbrella Cockatoo
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Meet Teddy Knight, the incredible and talented male Umbrella Cockatoo. This handsome parrot is able to do multiple tricks and can perform commands.

He is a rising star with plenty of both modelling and acting experience under his wing!

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Teddy is a very affectionate feathery friend who loves receiving cuddles and being petted. He is incredibly kind and gentle with all that he meets and has a fantastic temperament due to the fact that he is very well socialised.

This Umbrella Cockatoo speaks very gently and is calm with people of all ages. He is very keen to meet new people and is an all-around chilled and obedient parrot.

Teddy is more than happy to wear pet clothing and accessories and is comfortable striking a pose in them. This parrot isn’t camera shy in the slightest and loves being in the spotlight as long as he is praised afterwards.


Step up (on command),
Talks and says various phrases (hello, I love you, you alright?, good boy)
Kiss ( on command),
Wave with wings (on command),
Undo Nuts and Bolts,
Plays Ball,
Step up,
Can wear accessories and clothing,

Parrot Acting/Modelling Experience

Teddy has an incredibly long and very impressive list of both acting and modelling experience:

He is an exceptionally talented Umbrella Cockatoo and has been in multiple photoshoots such as Think Parrots Show, Contesser’s Court and The Parrot Magazine.

Other editorial work that he has starred in as well includes:

  • Teds and Locherz interview Issue 11 (Mascot) April 2016
  • Siiren Interview ( Teds front cover) May 2016
  • Aspire to Inspire /Issue 14 (Mascot ) June 2016
  • Aspire To Inspire / Issue 15 (Mascot) July 2016
  • Tracee Interview /Issue 16 (Mascot )August 2017

As well as photoshoots this talented parrot has even been in multiple films and even a music video! The films and music videos he has starred in areĀ  Witch, The Second Cycle, The Prodigy’s ‘No Tourists’ music video.

Teddy has also filmed a video for LADBible which included him talking, eating and talking. he did all the commands perfectly and performed extremely well.