Tango Guinea Pig
More information about this animal

Tango might be small but she has a huge personality. She enjoys making new friends with people and animals, so is perfect for any photo-shoots. This little Guinea-Pig is fantastic for any work where there is a need to be handled. She can sit and pose for photos with some rewards at the ready.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

As you can see from Tango’s pictures; She has an amazing looking coat, with beautiful long fur that really stands out on a photo-shoot. She would be perfect for any lifestyle projects that our clients have in mind, she could add that extra flair to get that perfect result.


Can be handled
Happy to travel
Product placement
Sit and stay
Work with other animals
Able to work with children and adults

Guinea-Pigs In Media

Guinea-Pigs is a fantastic animal to use for advertising. Your product will really bring out the “Aw” factor in your audience. You may remember a famous advert for “EGG Money” with all the Guinea-Pigs going about their daily life in a miniature city acting like people. This is one brilliant example of how eye-catching these small rodents can be in media and advertising.

They are suitable for filming work as they are so easy to handle and work with. Tango would make an excellent pet prop for a small child in a family setting. As she is so relaxed and well travelled she would definitely work up to your requirements for any sort of role.