Storm and Honey – Rabbits
More information about this animal

Storm and Honey are two beautiful rabbits with striking features. It’s not hard to believe that combined they are an excellent pet influencer on Instagram.

Storm is the adventurous one, he is a typical mischievous rabbit who loves to play and bounce about. He is a stunning English angora, with an untamable grey mane. Honey is the younger of the two, she is a mini-lop with a beautiful golden coat. She is a confident rabbit, who loves spending the day grooming her friend Storm.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

These rabbits are not shy of the camera, they can be shot together or alone. Both of them are well handled and comfortable with new people. They sit well to get distance & close-up images. Both rabbits are excellent for product placement.

Pet Influencer

They have lifestyle-themed imagery on Instagram which has gained a loyal fanbase of followers. This makes for an excellent platform for influencer marketing and brand awareness.