Common Boa Constrictor – Starsky
More information about this animal

Here we have the stunning Starsky. He is an 8ft long common boa constrictor and weighs around 10kg. Starsky is known as a “sunglow” due to his beautiful sun like colours. This stunning snake has been with his owner for 4 years so has as close a bond as a snake can. Starsky is a very laid back snake, who is content being handled and positioned.


Happy to be handled by adults and children
Can be used as a prop
Product placement
Travels well

Snakes in media

Snakes are a brilliant animal to use in advertising as they always give that exotic feel. It’s especially fun using them in a comical way like Carlsberg did in their advert in 2014, it really captures the audience as it portrays snakes in a fun and silly manner.