Sprite the guinea pig
More information about this animal

Here we have the handsome Sprite, he is an American guinea pig, with striking white fur. Sprite lives with another Guinea Pig and other animals, so is very sociable. His favourite thing is treats and cuddles, and hanging out with his guinea pig sister, Tango.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Sprite is a handsome guinea pig who suits any project, with a quiet nature which is typical of his species. He will perform well for rewards and get you amazing, eye-catching work with his beautiful white fur which makes anything stand out!


Can be handled
Product placement
Will work with other animals
Happy to work with children and adults

Guinea Pigs In Media

Guinea pigs are a fantastic animal to use for advertising. your product will really bring out the “Aw” factor in your audience. You may remember a famous advert for “EGG Money” with all the guinea pigs going about their daily life in a miniature city acting like people. This is one brilliant example of how eye-catching and fun these small rodents can be in media.

They are suitable for filming work also, as they are so easy to handle. Sprite would make an excellent cute pet prop for a small child in a family setting.