Spot – Crossbreed Rabbit
More information about this animal

Meet Spot, a beautiful black and white crossbreed rabbit model. He is suitable for a variety of work, such as lifestyle campaigns, rabbit hire and more.

Spot is a typical happy, bouncy little rabbit. He enjoys exploring and inspecting new toys and making new friends.

Pet Modelling/Acting Ability

This lovely boy works well in new environments and takes everything in calmly. Spot is trained in basic rabbit obedience and so follows instructions well. As he enjoys being handled and cuddled, Spot is therefore perfect for a number of “pet” roles.

Living with other rabbits and animals, Spot is well socialised, and is, therefore, happy to work with other animals following an introduction.


Can be handled
Can work with adults and children
Product placement
Basic Obedience
Happy to work with other animals

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Spot is an experienced pet model. He recently worked with Vets4Pets on a social media campaign to promote their health care plans. Spot was an excellent rabbit model, who stayed calm and collected the entire time and worked well for the camera.

Rabbits In Media

These animals are amazing to work with and can be trained just as well as dogs. Rabbits fun-loving and memorable and so often feature in advertising campaigns.  Innocent Smoothie is known for using rabbits in their adverts.