Splodge – Sheep
More information about this animal

Introducing Splodge, a female sheep who is a mix of a mule and a texel. These two breeds are both common in British agriculture. She is confident, independent and enjoys being a leader. Splodge is well-socialised and enjoys being around people.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Splodge is a curious sheep who surprisingly is trick trained and can complete a range of different skills. She is confident and intelligent and enjoys learning new behaviours.

Splodge is incredibly friendly and is great with strangers. She also is comfortable around both children and adults meaning that she would work well on a set with actors and models of all ages. Splodge also is happy to be around dogs and, therefore, would be fine working with them on set.

This particular sheep is a very stunning animal who has a mix of distinct features from both of the breeds she is crossed with. She has a thick woollen coat with striking yellow eyes and sleek black hooves.

At the bottom, there are a variety of shots of Splodge, including ones where she has been sheared. If needed, Splodge will be able to be sheared if requested.


Go to mark
Ring bell
Can kick a ball
Walk on lead
Jump in a van
Can work with props
Happy to travel

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Sheep in advertising are refreshing and a fun new take and tend to leave a lasting impression. There has been a range of iconic adverts that feature sheep such as the Volkswagen advert (2018) or the Specsavers advertĀ (2008). Splodge is the perfect animal actor to hire as she is well trained and well behaved.

Splodge is a great domestic pet model to use for a variety of different brands as she is a stunning cross breed between a mule and texel. She will be the perfect addition to any project because of her playful and friendly nature.

If you are looking for a sheep to hire get in touch to have Splodge feature in one of your projects at Urban Paws UK.