Sparks – Gypsy Cob Stallion
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Introducing Sparks the stunning 14.2hh traditional Gypsy Cob Stallion. He’s a beautiful pinto-coloured horse with striking, bright blue eyes making him a perfect pet model for fashion editorials, stills and film.

This beautiful stallion will certainly make anyone do a double-take when they see him, he is impressively large and with those good looks, he stands out and will leave a lasting imprint on any sort of project.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Sparks is a brilliant horse to work with as he is so responsive to his owner. Sparks is constantly training to learn new tricks, hopefully, he will become the best trick horse around. Everyone he meets is astonished by him, his stunning coat and blue certainly help with modelling too.

This beautiful animal actor is a star on set and very easy to work. He is happy to work with people including children and is a very calm horse and well behaved on set, even with other animals present. If you’re planning on a horse photoshoot, Sparks is your ideal model.


Broken to ride,
Lie Down,
Drives a carriage,
Re-enactment acting,
Can work in a busy environment,
Will happily work with other animals,
Bowing ,
Jambette (holding a front leg out),
Sitting up,
Sitting up and pawing a leg,
Capriole (leaping and kicking out behind),
Can work loose/freely,
Can be ridden with no tack,
Carriage driving ,


Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Status Magazine
Your Horse Magazine
Groomi UK (ongoing work)
Kettering Carnival

Sparks is the perfect pet model for most roles and will definitely catch everyone’s attention with his handsome features. This boy is definitely ideal for horse rental and horse hire, as very little phases him.