Sparks – Gypsy Cob Stallion
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Introducing Sparks the stunning 14.2hh traditional Gypsy Cob Stallion. He’s a beautiful pinto-coloured horse with striking, bright blue eyes making him a perfect pet model for fashion editorials, stills and film.

This beautiful stallion will certainly make anyone do a double-take when they see him, he is impressively large and with those good looks, he stands out and will leave a lasting imprint on any sort of project.

Pet modelling experience

Status Magazine
Your Horse Magazine
Groomi UK (ongoing work)
Kettering Carnival

This beautiful animal actor is a star on set and very easy to work. He is happy to work with people including children and is a very calm horse and well behaved on set, even with other animals present.

Sparks is owned by the same person since he was a foal and therefore have a very close bond with each other.


Broken to ride
Lie Down
Drives a carriage
Re-enactment acting
Can work in a busy environment
Will happily work with other animals

Sparks is the perfect pet model for most roles and will definitely catch everyone’s attention with his handsome features.