Snuffles the African Pygmy Hedgehog
More information about this animal

Snuffles, a handsome African Pygmy Hedgehog with salt & pepper colourings. Snuffles is quite the character, affectionate and cheeky he has formed a strong bond with his human. He loves to explore but also gives a good cuddle.


He has been well handled and socialised from a young age with both children and adults. This young hog will quickly steal the heart of everyone he meets. African Pygmy Hedgehogs are nocturnal meaning left to his own devices he will happily snooze all day but he is used to being awake and handled during the day.

Hedgehogs have very poor eyesight, so rely heavily on their hearing and nose. After some time to get used to his new surroundings and some worms he will happily explore. Despite this, he is well travelled and is used to being in new surroundings.

Pet Influencer

Snuffles is fast becoming a star on social media, even be pictured with his canine friends. His audience loves to follow his adventures in the countryside and travelling across the UK.