Snayla – Giant African Land Snail
More information about this animal

Snayla is a beautiful giant African land snail. She is still young so has a lot of growing to do, but is already at an impressive size! This Giant African Land Snail is very calm and used to being handled regularly. She is incredibly nosy so likes to have a good look around so will pose perfectly for a photo shoot.


Product placement
Happy to be handled by anyone
Laid back with other animals
Travels well

Snails in media

Snails are a brilliant animal to use in advertising as they’re so unique. There is one particular advertisement that you may have seen, the Guinness ad, the whole town is eager for what’s made out to be a big event, that is a snail race! Obviously, they start out as a snail, barely moving but then they zoom like race cars! it is all very exciting and a very popular advertisement!