Simon – Chameleon
More information about this animal

A very friendly and relaxed male ambilobe x nosy boraha Chameleon.

As you can see from his pictures he is stunning with a mix of bright colours. He is perfect for any stills photography when either handled by a model or used for product placement.


Can be handled by adults and children
Product placement
Fashion editorial
Slow moving for the perfect shots

Chameleons in media

Chameleons are a very popular animal in advertising if you hadn’t noticed! They have been used by Dulux, Berocca, Valspar, Scotch Tape and budweiser in advertisements and campaigns. Obviously they are popular with paint brands as they are just so bright and colourful, they’re the perfect pet model to catch the eyes of your audience. There is also an interesting blog post written about chameleons relating to business by Paragon Press, I’d highly recommend reading it for some tips!

True to the association, chameleons can “Blend” into pretty much any project.