Rufus – Harris Hawk
More information about this animal

Introducing Rufus the famous Wimbledon Harris hawk pet influencer. Born in 2011, this Harris Hawk is handsome with an expressive face, very playful and full of energy.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Rufus is extremely sociable and loves to meet and interact with lots of new people. He is great with people of all ages and is comfortable working with strangers. Considering his very important job at Wimbledon, Rufus is perfectly fine with large crowds of people and loud noises.

He can also work with other animals whilst tethered but not when he’s flying free! Rufus loves to be in the spotlight and is incredibly photogenic.


Fly low overhead
Free fly
Can work with other animals whilst tethered
Can work with actors
Environmentally friendly bird control

Social Media Pet Influencer

Rufus is across all platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. His biggest following is on Twitter where he has over 10,000 active and engaged followers. Famed for his work at Wimbledon, he is a yearly trending topic every time the tennis event takes place.

He has previous brand experience with AMEX, Stella Artois and Evian. His fans are impressed by his work and his mischievous voice on Twitter.

Rufus is the perfect pet influencer to work with if you are a brand considering working around active and sports themes.

Hawk Acting/Modelling Experience

Rufus has an incredible amount of experience clearing Wimbledon of pigeons. He also does this at Westminster Abbey, Fulham FC football stadiums and on cricket pitches too.

As well as his job, he also has appeared in various marketing campaigns including Stella Artois Perfectionists at Wimbledon, Evian with Wimbledon and AMEX campaign 2019.

He has worked with various tv shows and regularly appears on tv throughout the Wimbledon championships. This Harris Hawk even has a Blue Peter badge for being on the show!