Royal Python – Snake
More information about this animal

Here at Urban Paws UK, we have a number of royal pythons available to hire as pet models. This particular species of snake are brilliant to work with as they are generally friendly and laid back. Royal pythons come in a large variety of colours and patterns, so they are brilliant for fashion editorial or dramatic themed editorial.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

These snakes are an ideal species to work with as a pet model, as they are so laid back yet can still “Wow” your audience. They can work with other snakes, so ideal if you want more a “snakepit” style shot.

Royal pythons tend to be a slower species, so are easily manoeuvred for product placement.


Laid back for handling,
Can be handled by children and adults,
Easily placed for product placement,
Travels well,
Fashion editorial,

Royal Python facts

When people hear the word “python” they automatically pull a face, as a lot of people imagine them to be big, ferocious, and mean.. when in actual fact there are 26 species of pythons, and royal pythons are lovely. They tend to be a shy animal and can be very sensitive when their routine changes. So it is a big misconception that they are vicious when they’re actually little scaredy cats most of the time!

In the US they are actually referred to as a “Ball python” due to their shy nature, they tend to curl up into a ball and hide their head!

We supply a large range of colours and sizes of royal pythons all over the country.