Rome – Miniature American Horse
More information about this animal

Rome is a beautiful miniature American horse. He is a pet influencer with a large fan base as well as a pet model. As Rome has multiple ways of working, he is excellent for social media campaigns, brand awareness, influencer marketing and more.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Rome is well handled and meets new people every day, including young children. He is incredibly gentle with everyone and everything he meets. Being a very relaxed horse, and very confident, Rome is hardly ever spooked by things, thus making him an ideal pet model to work in a busy environment.

Rome is very eager to please his handlers and enjoys showing off his skills. He has met a number of dogs and even had a fun encounter with a herd of cows, Rome is bomb-proof when it comes to other animals.


Pick things up,
Stand on raised platforms fully or front legs,
House trained,
Works with children,
Animal-friendly (upon introduction),
Wears pet clothing + accessories

Pet Influencer

Rome has a growing following on Instagram, it is updated regularly with a range of images and videos. Rome’s social media is very fun, cute and naturalistic themed. It is an ideal platform for a brand or company that is wanting to market their product.

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Rome has attended Longines Global Champions Tour as a mascot along with some other influential ponies. He certainly entertained the crowd by rolling over onto his back in the middle of the arena. Following this Rome was also interviewed by CNN.