Reggie – Budgie
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Here we have Reggie a handsome Budgie, he lives with multiple birds so is well socialised. He dotes on his owner and strives for attention. If she isn’t giving him any, he will play with his favourite penguin toy, which he is well known for his affections with this toy in particular.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

His green and yellow plumage make him look wonderfully exotic and his vibrant colours grab the attention of everyone. The budgie’s Latin name means, roughly, ‘songbird with wavy lines’. This is a pretty good description of this popular bird.

Budgies are social birds and won’t do well in a life of isolation, so that’s why Reggie has a close bond with his human and the other budgies he shares home with. He’s docile and loves cuddles. His owner provides great care for all the birds and has worked hard to make sure he’s hand tame, making him easy to work with. The budgies are the best talking bird among the parrots as they are able to learn words, phrases, and whistle easily.


Product placement,

Pet Influencer

Reggie has a large social media following so he makes a great pet influencer and we’re not surprised. Entertaining his followers with fun pictures and videos of him with friends. People just adore him and his funny antics.

Reggie shares plenty of images of his daily life and also his antics with the other two Budgies that he shares a home with. This makes this Budgie perfect to promote brand awareness and Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Pet influencers are fast becoming the main way to advertise products and create brand awareness. With their followings, they can reach an audience that may have not been possible through traditional platforms such as television or magazines.

Here at Urban Paws UK, we have combined experience in working with influencers and know how to get you the right audience to view your product.

Budgies In Media

Budgies are a fantastic bird to work with as they are so familiar as a household pet. This species of bird have featured in a range of media, but some of the more popular ones are; Freeview TV with the singing cat & Budgie, BT internet and Energia. They are sweet little birds, that add a lovely pop of colour and exotic to any project.

Reggie is no exception to this and will help make the end result perfect. Hire a budgie today.