Quinn – Welsh Section A
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Introducing Quinn, the handsome Welsh Pony Section A Model. He is incredibly friendly and has experience working with small children, dogs and other horses.

Native ponies existed in Wales before 1600 BC, and a Welsh-type cob was known as early as the Middle Ages. They were influenced by the Arabian horse for their versatility and sheen.

Quinn measures at 11.1 hands and his sturdy build is ideal for competition, show work and photoshoots.

He’s also used to different environments and is incredibly calm around people in busy environments.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Quinn is well versed in showjumping, is easy to handle when responding to commands and is used to being led and worked by small children.

The Welsh Pony is regarded as one of the most trustworthy breeds, with good temperaments and high intelligence.

Their friendly and easy personalities make them ideal to train and use as first experience animals.

Quinn is no different as his calm and assured personality has made him a favourite of those who interact with him.

Horse Acting/Modelling Experience

With a large roster of indoor and outdoor show jumping, Quinn is well versed when it comes to dealing with large crowds and wide auditoriums.

His willingness to pose with small accessories and ribbons, as well as live models is a testament to his breeds warm and friendly nature.


Travels well,
Works with small children,

Works with dogs,

In conclusion, Quinn is a perfect choice for all types of work, particularly those involving young people. His ability to deal with bustling environments is also a major plus point.