Ponies – Unicorns
More information about this animal

Ponies are excellent for horse hire and unicorn hire, we have a number of small and large ponies available for pet modelling. Suitable for a wide variety of projects including fashion editorial, meet & greets and advertising campaigns.

There are four of these fabulous ponies or aka unicorns, Stanley who is calm and relaxed at all times. Bandit, who has bright blue eyes and a fun, cheeky personality. Mr Todd, who is incredibly loving and has stunning polka dot-like spots all over him. Lilly, who is a beautiful white pony and a natural star,  and Rosie who is the clever one of the bunch. This wonderful family of ponies lead exciting lives in which they regularly make children’s dreams come true as they all dress up as unicorns and give pony rides on a regular basis.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

All of the ponies regularly attend events all over. Well used to noisy environments and aren’t easily spooked. They are all happy to engage with children of all ages and are used to being handled by new people. They can have their hair dyed in different colours, are happy to wear bows and other accessories and of course will happily dress up as unicorns.

All of the ponies are trained in basic obedience and they behave exceptionally well in new environments.


Product placement
Travel well
Easy to lead
Can be ridden
Happy to work with children

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

These ponies regularly attend local fates, festivals, parties and meet & greets as well as being available for PR events. Exceptionally well behaved in new environments they are a pleasure to work with.

Ponies are an excellent animal to include in many projects for TV/film media. They are beautiful animals and give off a very majestic feel with their presence.