Poirot – Common Boa Constrictor
More information about this animal

Poirot is an 8-foot long common boa constrictor, he weighs around 12kg.

He is aptly named Poirot as he has an amazing moustache. His owner has had him since he was a hatchling, so he has been handled constantly since then. We know he would be brilliant for posing with actors/models on set. He is a curious snake but very laid back so Poirot can be placed on props and pose for the camera with ease.


Happy to be handled by adults and children
Can be used as a prop
Product placement
Travels well
Fashion editorial

Snakes in media

Snakes are a brilliant animal to use in advertising as they always give that exotic feel. It’s especially fun using them in a comical way like Carlsberg did in their advert in 2014, it really captures the audience as it portrays snakes in a fun and silly manner.