Miniature Pigs and Piglets
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Here at Urban Paws UK, we have a selection of adult miniature pigs and piglets domestic pet actors that are available for animal hire. These pigs are incredibly well cared for and will work perfectly whilst on set. All pigs are AMPA Certified therapy trained.

Two of the pigs have got a full Therapy Pet Certification Status; all the other younger pigs are hard at work to achieve this status.

The training that they have had is very valuable. This is due to the fact that all the pigs visit schools, nurseries, children’s and adult’s parties as well as a number of other private and corporate events and shows, making these animals very well socialised.

The commands and tricks that these amazing pigs can do are at an exceptionally high standard and every pig is able to perform them.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

These pigs and piglets are all extremely affectionate and very friendly. As they train around various strangers they are used to lots of new people. They are around people of all ages meaning that they can work with a variety of actors and models with no issues. They are also incredibly well mannered around children and are comfortable working with them on set.

The farm animals are also happy to work with dogs as they share their home with the family dog and have also met other dogs on their visits.


All miniature pigs and piglets can perform the following tricks:
Recall Command
Back Command
They can paint with their snouts
Touch an item
All the pigs can use a ramp to get in and out of a vehicle
Happy to be handled
Can wear clothing and accessories
Happy to travel

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

One of the adult pigs, Sunny filmed for 10 hours in a PR Campaign for a mobile game called “Tap Empire”. Sunny performed excellently on set and performed all commands that were requested of him.

These incredible pigs have had experience being on set for LADBible as they filmed an ASMR video. The pigs worked extremely well whilst on set and did everything they were told.

These perfect miniature pig models are an excellent choice for any role for an advertisement or marketing campaign as they are intelligent, sociable and incredibly well trained.