Patches – Miniature Pony
More information about this animal

Introducing Patches the very handsome Miniature pony model. Born in 2008, he is 30 inches and is extremely smart and sociable.

He has a striking dark brown coat with a long mane and tail. Patches has distinctive short legs, small ears and large, expressive eyes.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Patches has a good temperament meaning he can be ridden by children of any age both on and off lead or reins. He is very well socialised and friendly, therefore, is comfortable around adults meaning that he will be happy to work with a variety of different models or actors of all ages.

He shares his home and lives with a variety of different animals including dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, reindeer, ducks and hens. He also lives among a string (which is the collective noun for ponies) of 19 ponies. This means that Patches will be comfortable to work with a range of different animals whilst on set.

True to his breed, Patches is incredibly intelligent. He is eager to learn and can perform a variety of different tricks and commands. This miniature pony is constantly improving his skills and learning new ones every day.


Lie down
Spanish Walk
Can stand on a podium
Liberty work (freedom training)
Can be ridden by children (both on and off lead)

Horse Acting/Modelling Experience

Patches has a lot of experience being in outdoor shows and in pony displays and pony performances. He has also had experience working inside onstage and in halls in front of large crowds.

This means that he will be happy to work in a busy environment with lots of new people and lots of loud sounds. Also, he is used to travelling to each show, therefore, would be happy to work in different locations.