Patch – Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
More information about this animal

Pet Acting/Modelling ability

Patch is a handsome black and white Netherland dwarf rabbit. He has a curious personality and always wants to inspect his surroundings. He is a loving boy and enjoys attention, he would work brilliantly for any project due to his relaxed and fun nature.

Patch has a cheeky personality, so is a fun animal to work with. He works amazingly well with models and actors and will meet all of the needs for the shoot.


Responds to basic commands
Product placement
Prop placement
Happy to be handled by adults and children
Will work with his brother Muffin if multiple rabbits are needed

Rabbits in media

Rabbits are amazing animals to work with, and with training, can follow commands just as well as dogs would you believe! Innocent Smoothie is known for using them in their advertisements, and they are fun loving and memorable.