More information about this animal

Urban Paws UK can provide a range of Ostriches that are transported and handled by a team of experts.

Animal acting ability

We work closely with highly experienced handlers. They carry their own licence in accordance with the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. We can provide Ostriches to be present on set as well as trained to display certain behaviours and, or tricks. All of our exotic animals are from zoos and private collections. Only working with animals that are ethically sourced and cared for, whilst working within the animal welfare guidelines.

As they are an exotic species, precautions are always in place to make sure the animal is handled correctly. The handlers will make sure all welfare needs are met whilst they are on set or location.

Ostriches in media

Ostriches are a brilliant animal to use in advertising as they’re fun and intimidating all at the same time! Samsung and Cadbury have already discovered this. With their brilliant adverts using ostriches to display their typical curious nature, they have been successful with their audience because of this.

Ostriches are the worlds largest flightless bird and can reach an incredible 70km an hour. They are an extraordinary animal to come face to face with, they are sure to impress.

Please contact us for more details, as we are positive we can meet your needs.