Ollie & Ermie – Mini Lop Rabbits
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Ollie & Ermie, the mini lop rabbits, are one of cutest animal duos we’ve ever seen!  Ollie, (the red and white male) and Ermie (the grey and white female) are incredibly popular pet influencers.  The pair really make the heart melt.

Ollie and Ermie are a double trouble team.  If one bun is doing something, the other will be right alongside them. They are both loved up with each other and are constantly grooming and seen flopped together having a good cuddle. Ollie is the shyer of the two, but he’s still a cheeky bun and is obsessed with his food.  H will do just about anything for it!

Ermie is the tiny one with the sweet face but she is very sassy and does whatever she wants.  She has no fear; she loves to explore and jump on top of everything around her room.  Partly because Ermie was adopted from the RSPCA, the social media page has a clear welfare focus and it’s easy to see what a happy home these rabbits have.  Ermie has a strong bond with Ollie and ever since they met they’ve been inseparable. A true love pairing. 

Social media pet influencers

Having a huge following on Instagram, the mini lops are very popular with their fan base.  The fan base mainly comprises of 18-24-year-olds, so it’s a great market segment for the right brands. The overwhelming audience is also female.  Because they have such a loyal following, their engagement rates are excellent.

With excellent photography that has a homely feel, the rabbits are relatable and bring the ‘awwwww’ factor to their followers’ social feeds.

Rabbit modelling experience

The popular pair have worked with some wonderful brands, including Burgess, Nibble & Gnaw, Tokihut and Amazon.  They are wonderful representatives of how rabbits should be correctly looked after and are great advocates of pet welfare.  The fun they have shines through their pictures which makes them the perfect duo for showing off rabbit products and brands.

However, they’re also suited to non-animal related products.  Being so cute and cuddly, they’re perfect for seasonal campaigns, such as Christmas, Valentines and Easter.  They also work well with children’s brands, toys and lifestyle market segments.

Ollie & Ermie are the perfect pair for your next social media campaign.  Whether you’re looking to promote pet products or human products you will not be disappointed.



Ollie & Ermie