Olive and Chestnut – Guinea Pig
More information about this animal

The fabulous Olive and Chestnut, are two little guinea pigs, combined they are a pet influencer. It is easy to see why they are both so popular, as they are simply adorable, they are suitable for lifestyle work, social media campaigns, and more.

Olive and Chestnut live the dream, they are the only “children” in their family, so get all the attention they desire off of their owner. They love nothing more than lounging around and nibbling their favourite treats. Olive is the comfort-seeking one, always wanting to cuddle up and Chestnut is more of a diva, taking charge.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Both of these girls are incredibly tame and calm. They are very easy to handle and comfortable with new people upon an introduction. They are suitable for product placement, and they are an ideal size to sit with or on small products, bringing your attention to them.

Pet Influencer

These guinea pigs are proving to be very popular and have a fast-growing following on Instagram. Their social media page is beautiful, filled with neutral tones, and naturalistic images. Their page is suitable for lifestyle brand awareness, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns.

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Both Olive and Chestnut are regularly photographed by their owner at home, their images are stunning and eye-catching. Both guinea pigs are excellent at staying on the spot and posing for the camera.

Olive and Chestnut are simply stunning to look at, and with their following, they are an excellent means of advertising your product or promoting your brand.