Norman – Syrian Hamster
More information about this animal

Meet Norman, the most incredible hamster you will find. Norman is incredibly placid and so handsome. He will definitely attract attention to any advertisement with his cute, fluffy appearance.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Norman is a dream to work with when it comes to hamsters. He is incredibly friendly and calm with everyone he meets, and the crazy fur makes him that little bit cuter than your average hamster!


Sit and stay
Free roaming
Happy to work with animals
Can work with children and adults
Product placement

This tiny, furry creature loves being petted and groomed. He is very happy to be handled by anyone and will sit happily in their hands. He is very confident with other animals. Norman simply is not afraid of anything, what a hamster! He’s calm and collected, which make him a perfect pet model to work with.

Hamsters In Media

Hamsters are used a lot in different types of media, some examples of advertisements, which are very memorable are from Kia motors, Wonga, and free radio.¬†Advertisements with hamsters are always quirky and fun themed, as they’re a family pet so they catch the eye of your average person.

There are also some fun videos with hamsters by Mashable, who make videos based on well-known movies, with the hamsters portraying the lead roles.