Muffin – Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
More information about this animal

This black bunny is Muffin, an adorable model and actor with jet black fur and large round eyes, making for an instantly endearing subject.

Pet Acting/Modelling ability

Muffin is a beautiful and tiny Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. He has a lovely personality and enjoys being cuddled and fussed over. This rabbit will happily make friends with pretty much anyone. Muffin even loves to visit his vet! Happy to play with people and even jumps about with them. Muffin lives with another rabbit, though hasn’t had any contact with other animals. Given this, Muffin is able to work around other rabbits but may be unable to work around bigger, stranger animals to him.


Basic obedience
Happy to be handled
Can work with adults and children
Product placement
Prop placement

Rabbits in media

Rabbits are amazing animals to work with. They are able to be trained much like dogs and cats and make for amazing little fluffy performers!

One of the most iconic animals around, Rabbits are instantly eye-catching, recognisable and are able to draw in the attention of a room or shoot.