Mrs Fluffles and Angela – Jacob Sheep
More information about this animal

Here we have Mrs Fluffles and Angela, two adorable Jacob sheep models. These two girls live in a small holding with a small herd of Hebridean sheep and some other animals. They are both well loved by their owner and are fun girls.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Both Mrs Fluffles and Angela are harness trained, and very easy going about it. They love to travel and explore new environments. Sheep have a very curious nature and love to meet new people for head scratches and treats.

Sheep are known for being shy, but these girls break the stereotype with how bold and confident they are. These ladies love children and adults alike and are both very relaxed around other animals, so are well suited for studio & set environments.


Harness & Lead trained
Travels well
Happy to work with other animals
Will work with children

Sheep in media

Sheep are very popular in the cinema world, they are always present in country settings to give that farm feel. Sheep are also widely recognised in nativity scenes, hiring the right sheep for this is a must due to how easily your average sheep can be spooked.

As well as in movies and theatre, sheep are an excellent animal to hire for advertising. The Train Line has used a flock of sheep before now in an amusing advertisement about pre-booking your train tickets.