Mouse – Syrian Hamster
More information about this animal

Introducing Mouse, the beautiful Syrian Hamster pet model who has a larger than life personality. She is incredibly adventurous as she loves to climb up furniture and explore her surroundings.

Mouse possesses all the adorable features of a Syrian Hamster and has a short dark golden coat, tulip-shaped ears and small, expressive eyes.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This charismatic hamster is full of personality. She has a very expressive face, loves being in the spotlight and loves to pose for the camera.

She is more than happy to be picked up by a stranger. This little hamster also responds and warms up to new people very easily. Mouse is incredibly calm, well-socialised and friendly. She isn’t easily frightened and will allow anyone to pick her up and be held.


Can be handled by children and adults,
Happy to be out of the cage,

This clever hamster is constantly improving her skills every day. True to her breed, she is very intelligent and loves to practice a variety of commands and skills for a yummy treat!

Mouse is very skilled and is currently being trained to the best of her ability to increase her skill list!

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

This clever Syrian Hamster has previous modelling and acting work starring in an advertisement for Mercari.

As she has had this experience of being on set, this means that she will be perfectly happy being in a very busy environment. It also means that she will be comfortable being surrounded by loud noises and crowds of new people.

She makes the perfect hamster for animal hire as she is suitable for a variety of different briefs in the media industry. Mouse will work to the best of her ability in any job role in an advertisement or marketing campaign.