Mouse – Ferret
More information about this animal

Mouse is a handsome ferret pet model with a cheeky personality, who is available for hire. Due to regular handling, by adults and children at his day job meansĀ Mouse is used to interacting with people and animals alike so he is a very hardy animal, and nothing seems to phase him.

As you probably know, ferrets are a very playful animal. Mouse is no exception to this and will have your crew doting after him with his cheeky nature.


Can be handled
Happy to work with adults and children
Will work with other animals within reason
Travels well
Product placement
Fashion editorial

Ferrets in media

Ferrets are well known for being the loveable but different pet and are used regularly in this role for movies. One example of this would be Kindergarten Cop, where good oldĀ Arnold Schwarzenegger has a loveable pet ferret that aids him in his quest.

They are a brilliant animal to work with for fashion editorial, due to the beautiful markings and their amazingly fluffy fur, they stand out so well against any bright backdrop.