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And now for something completely different! Mikey and Mia are exceptional pet influencers and animal actors. This brilliant pair of Macaws are ready for action, whether on Youtube, Instagram or onset.

These beautiful birds are perfect for a number of social media influencer campaigns and will specialise in product placement or brand awareness. This duo of legends specialise in vlogs and tips on how to properly care for your Macaw or other Parrots.

If you’re looking for stellar, intelligent animal talent that can promote brands organically, you won’t go far wrong with these brilliant birds. Alternatively, if you need well behaved and attentive pet models, Mikey and Mia are also perfect and well trained.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Mikey was adopted by his owner in late 2016 and Mia followed suit in 2018. These gorgeous duo are Macaw Parrots, and as you can tell by their beautiful colours and stunning size, they offer something unique for brands or productions looking for animal actors or pet influencers that stand out. They are well trained in basic commands and will work well on set with people.

Their audience mainly lies in Youtube, so crafting engaging video content is the way to go when it comes to Mikey and Mia. They’re able to create exciting vlog content that will organically promote your brand’s product or service to meaningfully reach their impressive audience.

Mikey and Mia’s strong Youtube audience means that they reach a large organic audience on a daily basis, who trust their tips and opinions. The two will consider brands of most industries including travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, entertainment, and of course, pet care.

Acting/Modelling Experience

Highly on the ball with brand exposure and media campaigns, Mikey and Mia’s owners have experience in creating varied and engaging content including vlogs, Q and As, and informative pet care videos.

Social Media Pet Influencer

On Instagram, these brilliant birds have experience in promoting brands via product placement posts, such as in their work with bird toy brand, BeakBox. These two pet influencers are able to create exceptional brand awareness content on Youtube that comes to life through animated and exciting vlogs.

If you’re looking for unique pet influencers that are versatile and experienced, Mikey and Mia are the Macaws for you. Alternatively, if you are looking for gorgeous pet models and animal actors that deliver stunning results, look these birds up today.