Mabel and Martha – Mini Lop Rabbit
More information about this animal

Meet Mabel and Martha, two adorable free-roaming, mini lop-eared house rabbits. They are pet influencers with a loyal following. Their page is suitable for social media campaigns, brand awareness, influencer marketing and lifestyle work.

Both of these rabbits live the life of luxury in their home. Mabel is the cheekier girl, she has a very mischievous nature. Martha is the queen of the house, though a lot calmer than her sister, she loves to have a good cuddle.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Both of these rabbits are confident girls, they enjoy visiting new environments and having a good sniff. They sit well for the camera and are easily led by some treats. Mabel and Martha will happily snuggle up together for the ultimate cute image, they are perfect for a number of projects that really want the “Aw” factor thrown in.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Mabel and Martha are micro-influencers and they are constantly gaining more followers on their Instagram. Their page is lifestyle themed, filled with close-ups of the rabbits, and videos of them playing.

They have excellent engagement rates with their followers, making it ideal to get your product an excellent reach. Mabel and Martha’s page is suitable for a variety of work including advertising, lifestyle work, product placement, and brand awareness.