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Please welcome the fabulous trio of rabbit models and social influencers, Luna, Atlas, and Nimbus. On social media, these three Lionhead rabbits are known as @sirius_the_bunny in memory of their lost rabbit friend.

Luna, Atlas, and Nimbus are wonderfully well behaved and make the perfect addition to any film, television, or advertising set. The three are highly distinctive with their white, black, and spotted colour schemes making each stand out as a wonderfully distinct rabbit model.

Online, the three become @sirius_the_bunny where they boast an impressive micro influencer following, mainly on Instagram. The trio focus on lifestyle content from their lovely home in London where they live cage-free. Many of their posts also focus on proper bunny care.

Pet Description

You won’t find three happier rabbit models than Atlas, Luna, and Nimbus. As their owner advocates proper bunny care, they roam free around their house in London, where they create some of their most adorable social influencer content. You will regularly find this trio posting tips on how to properly care for your rabbit. In this sense, they’re the perfect companion to a pet product brand that wishes to hit a sizeable audience with rabbit related products. As micro influencers, the three hit that sweet spot where they boast a sizeable following, yet are still able to maintain an intimate level of engagement with their followers.

Though the three might specialise in lifestyle and bunny related industries, they’re more than able to dip their paws into brands of other categories. We think that these three would make excellent pet food ambassadors, or alternatively, superstars that can promote bunny related intellectual properties to their wide, rabbit-loving audience. These brilliant, big eared influencers don’t use a specific hashtag and are open to conversations about content. They’re a fabulous option for bunny-centric influencer marketing strategies.

As rabbit models, these fabulous Lionheads fare just as well, though there are considerations that have to be taken into account before booking them. The three do not react well to other animals and can only perform as a trio. They are more than able to work with children, however, and will happily be stroked and cuddled by their pint-sized co-stars on set.

These three beautiful bunnies are simply perfect for pet photography based campaigns and we think they’d make excellent ambassadors for pet food products. With their ability to model and then promote their campaign photography to their vast audience, they’re the ideal pet ambassadors!


The talented pet models and social influencers of @sirius_the_rabbit are certainly no strangers to the camera.

Luna, Atlas, and Nimbus collaborated with high profile pet product brand, @petsunitedus, in which they delivered powerful content and acted as brand ambassadors. With their high market reach, this trio of talented rabbits are more than able to promote products and services of large and small brands alike.

As pet models, they’re well versed and are able to perform in both trick based acting roles and more static pet photography shoots as rabbit models. You need only glance at their extensive gallery to see how photogenic these three gorgeous rabbit models are. Their unique aesthetic, complete with contrasting colours, as well as their excellent behaviour on set make them a no brainer for integrated marketing campaigns focused on pet photography.

Whether you need a superb pet influencer, or three brilliant animal actors and rabbit models, Luna, Atlas, and Nimbus are the clear choice for a wide range of briefs. Book them today to avoid disappointment!