Luna, Atlas & Nimbus – Lionhead and Lop Eared Rabbits
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Urban Paws UK pet modelling agency introduces Luna (female), Atlas and Nimbus (male) Lionhead rabbits. They are social media influencers and rabbit models.

This trio works together exclusively so wouldn’t work with other animals. They are happy around calm children and adults.

They have worked with petsunitedus.



Luna – Lop-eared Rabbit

Luna is an extremely smart rabbit. She’s the boss of the boys and likes to be in charge. Her lovely markings make her a stand out in any marketing campaign.

Atlas – Lop-eared Rabbit

Atlas is deaf, but this means he isn’t afraid of anything! He’s always the first to explore a new area, and he’s the naughtiest of the three. He’s also quite a tiny bunny, at 1.5kg.

Nimbus – Lionhead Rabbit

Nimbus likes to climb people to sit on their shoulder like a parrot. He was the runt of the litter, so is about half the size of regular Lionhead, weighing in at 1 kg. He’s mini but makes up for it with all the fluff.