Linnie – Welsh x Arabian Pony
More information about this animal

Linnie is a stunning Welsh x Arabian pony with a height of 14.2 hands. As she is a native breed, this will be very appealing to advertisers dealing with a range of different products.

She is a stunning palomino colour with a triangular star marking on her forehead (a white mark on the forehead which can be many different shapes). Linnie has large, expressive eyes, a broad forehead and large, distinctive nostrils.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

True to her breed, Arabian ponies are considered intelligent and friendly and Linnie possesses both of these characteristics. She is also charming and incredibly eager to please and learn new skills.

Linnie shares her home and lives with a variety of different animals including dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, reindeer, ducks and hens. She also lives among a string (the collective noun for ponies) of 19 ponies. This means that Linnie will be comfortable to work with a variety of different animals whilst on set.

She also can be ridden by experienced strangers as she is well-socialised and loves meeting new people. Linnie is friendly and calm meaning that she will be able to work with a range of different actors and models on set.


Can stand on a podium
Spanish Walk
Under saddle (can be ridden on flat: walk, trot, canter, etc.)
Can be ridden by experienced strangers

Horse Acting/Modelling Ability

Linnie has had a lot of experience being in outdoor shows, pony displays and pony performances. She also has experience with working inside onstage in halls in front of large crowds.

This means that Linnie would be comfortable working in a very busy environment with lots of new people, other animals and lots of loud sounds. Also, she is used to travelling to each show, therefore, will be happy to work in different locations.

As Linnie is a native breed, she would be a great choice for any role as she is a very beautiful pony with distinct and stunning features.