Kevin – Lion Head Rabbit
More information about this animal

Kevin, a lion head rabbit model. She is suitable for a number of modelling roles. This includes pet photography, fashion editorial, advertising campaigns and more.

Kevin is a beautiful lion head rabbit, with dilute tortoiseshell markings. True to her breed, she has a stunning fluffy mane around her head. She is a sweet girl, who loves bouncing around. She has a cheeky nature and binkies with excitement.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

With training in basic obedience, Kevin follows instructions from her handler with ease. She loves new places and people. She will display natural rabbit behaviours on set making her ideal for lifestyle campaigns.


Basic Obedience
Happy to be handled
Can work with adults and children
Product placement

Rabbits In Media

Rabbits are amazing animals to work with, they can be trained just as well as dogs. Innocent Smoothie is known for using them in their adverts, and they are fun-loving and memorable.