Hermann’s Tortoise
More information about this animal

Introducing Jeff a lovely Hermanns tortoise. Jeff enjoys being groomed with a toothbrush and also loves to be given treats; leafy greens are a particular favourite.

Jeff has grown up around a young child and a dog. This socialisation means that Jeff is used to interacting with other animals and children and feels confident with them, therefore happy to be handled by anyone.

Jeff is happy to travel, as he loves new environments, they don’t phase him at all. He can be quite active when in a mood for a bit of adventure. He loves to explore, inspecting everything in sight.


  • Recall
  • Happy to be handled
  • Can work with children and adults
  • Fine working with other animals
  • Ability to be placed on/with objects as a prop
  • Comfortable travelling

Jeff would be the perfect pet model for stills photography shoots and fashion editorial, lifestyle shoots as he’s very easy to work with. He can also be used for product placement or prop due to his placid nature.

Tortoises in media

Tortoises are a very unique animal to use in the media industry, they have been used by eHarmony in their television advertisement and also their iconography been used to represent Guinness in the past.

There are a lot of theories about tortoises as they are such a wise and peaceful creature. They are a symbol of longevity which is perfect for any brand to maintain identity. Tortoises are also considered a good luck symbol in feng-shui so could bring that charm to any sort of furniture advertisement.