Jasper and Chloe – Holland Lop Rabbit
More information about this animal

Jasper and Chloe, two Holland lop eared-rabbits. Combined these two rabbits are a pet influencer, they are a popular duo online. They are suitable for work such as brand awareness, influencer marketing and lifestyle work.


Both of these rabbits are incredibly adorable. They are both very sweet-natured and naturally curious about everything they come across. Chloe has a beautiful grey coat that almost looks like velvet, and Jasper is a seal point, making his nose extra cute with his distinctive markings.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability 

Both rabbits sit very well for the camera, they are ideal for product placement as they will happily wait on the spot. Jasper and Chloe are relaxed with new people and love exploring new environments. Both are very relaxed and easy to work with.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Jasper and Chloe are considered micro-influencers, with a large following on Instagram that is quickly growing. They have a very loyal fanbase, which engages in Jasper and Chloe’s posts regularly. Their page features lifestyle themed images which follow their daily activities, making these content creators the perfect platform to market your product. Their account is suitable for a variety of work including social media campaigns, advertising, lifestyle photography and more.

Jasper and Chloe are a beautiful pair of rabbits, with excellent imagery on their page. They are an excellent means of advertising your brand.