Jaden – Hermanns Tortoise
More information about this animal

Jaden is a handsome Hermanns Tortoise, measuring 6.5inches long. He is an excellent example of the species, at the perfect size to suit all projects. Jaden is very laid back and will happily explore new surroundings so is not phased at all attending sets and shoots.


Product placement
Happy to work with adults and children
Will work with other animals
Prop placement
Can be dressed up
Follows voice


Tortoises are an amazing species to work with as they are so unique compared to your average pet! They, of course, have their own special care when working. Things to consider with them are the likes of how sensitive their shell is, did you know they can feel everything when being petted or scratched? They are also one of the longest living animals on the planet that have been recorded, so obviously it will make a statement when they are used in advertising.