Ispini – Pig
More information about this animal

Ispini is one of our amazing pet models available to hire. Ispini is a mini potbelly pig, he is a spoiled little boy and lives like a house pet with his family.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This handsome boy is an excellent example of his breed and is sure add that adorable piggy charm to your project. Ispini is well socialised with his family and meets new people every day, he is certainly not shy. Along with this he travels very well and loves going on new adventures.


Shake trotter
Circle handler
Happy to work with well-behaved dogs
Will happily work with children & adults

Pigs in media

One very memorable work with pigs is Babe, a film from 1995 based on a little pig’s adventures on a farm. This film was a big hit, and obviously helped with the love of pigs as pets!  Pigs have also been used in other parts of the media world, companies such as E-Harmony, and Expedia. Fashion editorial is also proving to be popular, pigs really help get that rural look mixed in with the glamorous theme.