Isla – Macaw
More information about this animal

Isla is a female blue and gold Macaw. Isla is very laid back, she’s not fazed by loud noises or bright lights. She’s used to working both indoors and outdoors as she is free flighted giving her boundless amounts of confidence. Although she is relatively easy going she can be hard-headed and strong-willed at times.

She enjoys playing with toys and going on adventures. She loves to free fly and will fly right over cameras and people heads.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Isla is an absolutely stunning bird who would light up any campaign whether she is used for product placement or caught mid-flight for a dramatic motion image. She is an excellent parrot model to work with and will leave your crew in awe of her magnificence.


Identifying colours
Listens to commands
Free flight indoors & outdoors
Can work with calm people
Can work with calm animals
Used to dogs and cats

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Isla has modelled for DC Graphic Creations and worked perfectly on set. Most recently Isla worked with global business aviation company VistaJet as part of their Vista pet campaign.

She’s very happy working in and around crowds of people but takes a little time to trust them enough to hold her so requires some initial warm-up time on set.