Houdan Chickens
More information about this animal

Chickens make an excellent addition to any project, as they are so widely recognised. We have a large selection of Houdan chickens for hire. Our chicken models are suitable for advertising campaigns, fashion editorial, product placement and more.

Not every chicken looks alike, our chickens are all unique with fun personalities too. There are a number of varieties available.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

These birds are simply stunning with their bold plumage. They come in two varieties, black mottled and pure white. They are perfect for lifestyle photography and product placement.

Being a hardy breed they are perfect on set and new environments, they tend to be inquisitive so will happily peck about, displaying natural chicken behaviours.


Jump on an object
Jump off an object
Posed for product placement
Works with children and adults
Can work individually or as a group

Chickens In Media

Chickens are an amazing animal to work within the world of media! You may recall an infamous advert by Mercedes Benz which had actors holding chickens, moving their body about to dance. If you haven’t seen it, we definitely recommend looking it up.