Hotz – Friesian Horse
More information about this animal

Meet Hotz, the Friesian Gelding horse model. Hotz is a true gentleman, he is 16 hands and has a wonderful temperament. This is a stunning horse who has a soft approach to life and also has beautiful manners and is very steady, a true gentle giant who would work well as a great pet actor or model. He also has a black shiny colouring with a beautifully long and wavy tail.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Hotz loves children, he is patient horse which is an excellent trait that allows for both children and adults to be able sit and ride on him, without any fuss. Having this quality makes him a perfect candidate for pet modelling photo shoots due to his laid-back personality, he is also happy to travel and therefore a great horse model for travelling to different location shoots for a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns.


Canters to person on command,
Rideable by strangers,
Happy to work with children,
Happy to work with adults,
Happy to be groomed,

Dog Acting/Modelling Experience

This Friesian Gelding horse is brave and sensible, he has done previous work with the BBC on the show Peaky Blinders and Shakespeare and Hathaway, meaning he is used to working on noisy, busy photography and film sets. Hotz has also been a commercial driving horse doing events such as weddings and funerals, meaning he is used to being hooked up to carriages and trotting along side vehicles.

Hotz the stunning Stallion Friesian Gelding horse is used to working in front of a camera because he has done many photo-shoots, making him perfect for brand awareness. Horses are also popular in adverts, for example horse are used in the advertising campaigns with Lloyds Bank.