Hime – Albino Ferret
More information about this animal

Hime is a beautiful albino ferret that is based in the USA if you haven’t noticed from his American themed images!

Pet Influencer

This little guy has an incredible following of 51K on Instagram! It’s not hard to see why, as he is positively adorable along with his other friends! He gets dressed for special occasions so will always be the belle of the ball in his best attire.

Hime is an incredibly playful ferret, as you can imagine. Any toys presented to him will be made use of fully, he would happily bounce about all day with them. When he isn’t playing he is relaxing, in his large range of beds and even a castle! You can tell this little one is a much loved fuzzy.

Why work with pet influencers?

Pet influencers are fast becoming an excellent means of advertising for small and large brands alike! Animals have a large audience due to their “Aw” factor, people of all ages on social media tend to follow some sort of animal, just so they can see a cute picture to make their day better! It’s not always down to the following of the profile, but more-so to the reach that they get. If an influencer has a good reach then your brand could potentially reach tens of thousands of people around the world.