Henry – Pygmy Goat
More information about this animal

Meet Henry, the stunning Pygmy Goat model. Henry is one cheeky chap who is very friendly. He has a beautiful tri-coloured coat with unique markings.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Henry loves people and is happy to be handled and work beside actor and model stranges of all ages, including children, as Henry has an excellent temperament. He can also work with other animals on set such as dogs.

This adorable Pygmy Goat loves to perform and play dress up, he will happily wear pet clothing and accessories. Henry is well trained and up for a new challenge as long as there is food involved. He will be a perfect goat pet talent for a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns according to his skill set.


Give paw,
Find treats,
Climbs onto your back,
Walks a few steps on back legs,
Can pick things up and hold in his mouth,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,

Social Media Pet Influencer

This handsome Goat model is also a social media pet influencer with a large growing audience. He shares an Instagram account with three other goats and various animals including geese, chickens and dogs.

Their Instagram page is filled with lots of cute updates of Henry and his fellow animal brothers and sisters along with them dressing up and incredible photography.

He is the perfect influencer to promote brand awareness and social media marketing campaigns.

Goat Acting/Modelling Experience

With his fellow Pygmy Goat brothers, Henry has had previous animal acting experience working on a video shoot with BBC News, therefore he is used to being in front of the camera surrounded by strangers.

With Henry being highly obedient, he will make for an alternative animal model for a range of photography and film briefs such as outdoor and lifestyle brands.