Elmie – Lop Eared Rabbit
More information about this animal

Elmie is a beautiful white lop eared rabbit model. He photographs very well and is suitable for fashion editorial, advertising campaigns, direct marketing and more.

Elmie is a laid back boy, he loves finding the comfiest of spots and having a nap. Regardless of this, Elmie still has a cheeky side and loves playing with his friends.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Elmie is a beautiful boy, with a stunning white marbled coat. Being a lop eared rabbit, Elmie has a relaxed nature, even in new environments. He is trained in basic obedience and some trick. Elmie loves jumping the most out of his commands.

He lives with five other rabbits and a cat. Making him well socialised with other animals.


Walk on hind legs
High five
Dress up
Harness trained
Happy to work with children
Happy to work with other animals within reason

Rabbits In Media

Most recently he worked with Ladbible & Three Mobile for their ‘Its Relaxing Stuff’ campaign; see advert below. Rabbits are amazing animals to work with, they can be trained just as well as dogs would you believe! Innocent Smoothie is known for using them in their advertisements, and they are fun loving and memorable.