Dreamer – Miniature Horse
More information about this animal

Meet Dreamer, the stunning Miniature Horse model. Dreamer is very tiny standing at only 28.5”. He is a very calm Miniature Horse who has a great temperament. He has a beautiful white and red mane and coat colour with unique markings.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Dreamer is very talented and once he has learnt a trick, he will do it for anyone. Making him great around model and actor strangers for a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns. He is able to learn new tricks very easily and quickly, meaning he is able to learn new commands for a specific role if needed. Dreamer can do his commands from both voice and hand signals.

This Miniature Horse has attended the Horse Of The Year in Birmingham and Horse World Live at Excel London, he is used to performing in large crowds, being in a noisy environment and being surrounded by cameras, he never gets spooked by anything. He is the perfect pet talent for a range of briefs.


Wipe his front and back feet,
Open doors,
Lift his legs,
Spanish walk,
Stand on platforms,

Horse Acting/Modelling Experience

With Dreamer having experience at famous horse shows, he is used to the hustle and bustle of a busy environment.

Miniature horses have been seen in many adverts such as the Three advertisements and in an Amazon TV advert. Making dreamer the perfect choice for a variety of film and photography briefs suited to his skills.