Domino – Skunk
More information about this animal

Domino is a beautiful classic coloured skunk and a very sweet little girl. Domino loves attention from her handlers and is very friendly with everyone she meets. She was hand reared at three weeks of age due to her mother rejecting Domino, so she has a very close bond with her handlers due to this. Her favourite food is insects and sugar-snap peas, one of her favourite past times is foraging for mealworms!


Happy to be handled
Can travel
Will work with children and adults within reason
Can work with animals within reason
Product placement

Skunks in media

Skunks are an excellent animal to work with as they are just so cute and cuddly! They obviously have this common stigma that they smell bad and will spray you.. but she won’t! Skunks can accurately spray their foes up to 10 feet though, so be careful! Did you know, skunks are actually reluctant to spray, they will try anything else as a defence mechanism beforehand. What comes with the stigma is good for fun advertising though! As Ambi Pur have already discovered this in 2007. In their magazine advertisement, with a skunk being a typical house pet in an immaculate room, with the Ambi Pur plugged in behind him.

She would be perfect for stills photography or any filming with her running about.