Connie – Corn Snake
More information about this animal

Meet Connie, the stunning Corn Snake model. This beautiful snake is one calm girl who is more than happy to be handled. Typical of most snakes, Connie loves to explore new places.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Otherwise known as a red rat snake, this beautiful Corn Snake is very laid back, she is happy to work with a variety of model and actor strangers including children. Connie is perfect for a range of marketing and advertising campaigns, with her mottled bright orange colouring and slender build.

Corn Snakes are also considered harmless snakes, due to their lack of venom. Therefore, Connie will make for a great snake model for a variety of briefs.

True to the breed, Connie is a very placid snake, who is willing to be handled in a range of positions if needed. Connie enjoys visiting new surroundings and having a good nose, so she will be perfect on set for filming and stills.


Happy to be handled,

Snake Acting/Modelling Experience

With Corn Snakes being the most popular breed of snakes within the U.K, this stunning snake will make for a great choice for a variety of film and photography briefs.

Snakes have also been used in adverts with brands such as; Carlsberg and HSBC, but will also be great for fashion editorials and still photography shots.