Colin – Giant Horned Lizard
More information about this animal

The Giant Horned Lizard is a species of phrynosomatid (also known as Phrynosoma aslo, which is its Latin name) is completely unique to the Pacific coast of Mexico.  This makes Colin an elusive find as the species is very rarely found in the UK.  Because of this, he’s sure to make any marketing campaign unique.

Colin is a quirky lizard; he sleeps in the most peculiar position and likes nothing more than hunting crickets.  He’s like a miniature dustbin for crickets and this makes him easy to handle since he is happy when food is around. With an exceptional character, he is fun when being handled at meet and greet events.  He has a comical nature with interesting facial expressions and is happy being handled by children.

The Giant Horned Lizard is peculiar, interesting and visually appealing. It is the largest horned lizard species and most defiantly a statement piece with horns all up his body and a great spectacle to look at. The horns are made of modified scales, but the horns on their head are true horns and made of bone.  This body armour allows it to survive in an adverse desert environment.

Giant Horned Lizards are perfect for advertisement use with their rugged and unique look which would set your brand head and shoulders above the competition.  They are especially suited to festive work, such as Halloween projects, because of their ability to shoot blood out of their eyes. He would be perfect for product placement and brand awareness campaigns as he makes a truly striking model.