Clarkson, Hammond and May – Brown Hens
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Introducing Clarkson, Hammond and May who are three Brown hens with fun-loving personalities. These 3 Brown Hens enjoy exploring their surroundings and love to socialise.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

The three hens all have distinct and unique personalities. They are very friendly and all are well-socialised as they enjoy meeting new people of all ages. Clarkson, Hammond and May are all dog-friendly and will not spook and will happily jump on to a dogs back when they are walking around or sleeping. They share their home with seven dogs and various chickens too!

Each of the hens have very fun-loving personalities and enjoy performing their skills.


They fly on to walls, arms and surfaces on command,
They all come when called,
They will fly off of heights when called.  

Chicken Acting/Modelling Experience

These talented hens have been featured on ITV 2‘s Timewasters and recently, have been in a skit on Channel 4‘s The Tez O’Clock Show.

Since they have been on set before, they are comfortable being surrounded by many new people and are happy to travel.